Another thing that’s bugging me is the use of “inherited” to disassociate yourself from your responsibility.  Presidents say this all the time regarding difficult problems that they have to work on, but don’t want to be blamed for.  I can recall that first-term Clinton and Bush both said they’d “inherited” a weak economy and/or recession.  And now the Obama administration is doing it.  I object to this – if you were a voting-age US citizen during the previous administration, you already own a piece of the problem.

Update: Reagan inherited a recession, it seems.  I guess the only guy who couldn’t complain was the first President Bush, although he probably had just as much to complain about in the late 1980’s economy.

And another: GW Bush’s National Economic Council head talking about stimulus efforts in 2003: “No one is pleased by the deficits. The president has laid out a strong plan to cut the deficits in half within the next five years. We think the way to do it is by pro-growth policies and by spending discipline in Washington. The deficits that we face now are because of the recession we inherited…”

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