00000103264-boschaxxiswfl2060-smallThe first PGE bill since switching from a gas to electric dryer showed up yesterday.  What a difference!  Compared to the previous month’s use, our gas consumption dropped way down, and the electricity use went up just a small amount.  The cost of natural gas has been somewhat volatile of late – right now it is more than double the cost from a year ago.  So this saved us roughly $50 last month on our utility bill.  Electricity costs are just about the same as what they were a year ago, so the extra kWh used for the new dryer only resulted in a $4 increase over the previous month.  The gas dryer we had before was supposed to be fairly efficient, but it turns out to have been a bit of a gas hog – the daily therms used dropped from 99 last month to 19 this month.

And this Bosch washer/dryer qualified for rebates totalling $125, which were just mailed out on Tuesday.  So, if we continue to see $50/month savings, plus the rebate, that works out to… the Bosch’s will pay for themselves in three years.

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