Neil Young 9Neil Young Archives, Volume 1 was released this week, and from what I can gather it appears to be quite a project.  He’s released this in multiple formats; CDs, and DVD or Blu-ray.  The DVD/Blu-ray sets include lots of additional Archives content – photos, video, and his 1974 film Journey Through the Past.  And Blu-ray users will have access to more material, if their players have an Internet connection.  The plan is to release additional Archives material for each of these sets, so if you have Volume 1 on Blu-ray, you’d get additional images, video and music showing up in the Archive when you connect to the network via BD-Live.  Neil is also publishing a newsletter – the Archives Post Informer – which you’d see showing up in the Archive after you connect.  And the Archives web site has a place where people can let the NYA know about materials they might want for the Archive.  So you can send in your photo of Neil at the feed store in Half Moon Bay.  There’s a special “message from Neil” on the site about how great Blu-ray is:

All of my new projects will be available on Blu-ray.  It is not going away.  As time passes, you will see that Blu-ray is what you want for the utmost in quality, variety, and versatility.  It is worth it to get into Blu-ray now.  Don’t say I didn’t tell you.

He’s quite the salesman.

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