found on internet
found on internet

Out for a run today, celebrating the 5th of July, and I encounter a young person asking if I’ve seen her parrot – a Macaw, actually.  I hadn’t seen it, but said I’d look for it.  What I would do if I saw it, I couldn’t say.  Later, I encountered a stray dog meandering down Turnsworth Street – he was a big boy, a Bullmastiff or similar.  Powerfully built, with many teeth, and obviously slightly freaked out.  Not me, the dog.  There was a man on the sidewalk and I looked over at him, my meaning clear; “hey, your dog is out of control.”  He got my meaning apparently, because right away he said “he’s not mine”.  We both looked at the dog, and quickly calibrated our chances of securing him and returning him safely home.  No chance at all of that happening.  In any case, he had no collar and tags (of course), and after dancing around in the street for about 15 seconds, took off like a rocket.  I commented on the dog’s athleticism, and the man said, “yeah, but I don’t want to lose my hands”.

People shouldn’t explode things on the 4th of July.  The animals don’t like it.

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