The Resident Expert and I are of two minds regarding “Gates-gate”, or whatever President Obama’s honest answer to a question in last night’s press conference will become known as.  I say that he probably got out a bit in front of his typical caution in making public remarks.  If this had happened during the campaign, it would have been right up there with “clinging to guns and religion”.  And it definitely takes the spotlight off health care, at least on TV.  But the Devil’s Advocate maintains that this is just another of those things he does that seem at first to be a miscalculation, like not following John McCain’s lead and “suspending” his campaign when the financial crisis began.  After a few days or weeks, everybody’s saying that he did the right thing.  But the Contrarian says that the health care discussion had stalled, and was veering off into sidebar discussions anyway, so his “acted stupidly” remark clears the decks of all that.  And once the hub-bub dies down, he can go back to the nerdy MedPAC tutorials.  We shall see.

One thought on “ rookie mistake, or crazy like a fox? ”

  1. I thought the only real slip with the use of the word “stupidly”. Everything else he said wouldn’t have caused the same stir. Not a slip in that he was wrong or didn’t mean it, but it offered a glimpse of another side of Obama that he seems to have been especially careful not to show very much, a side that suggests he thinks he’s smarter than others. Which he is. The Richard Wolffe book Renegade talks about Obama being gruff, abrupt, etc. when hashing things out with staff, and that word comes from that approach to communicating. I had no problem with it.

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