rwc-streetThe new General Plan for Redwood City is available for review and comment, and the Introduction includes some anecdotal comments from RWC citizens of the future, describing how great everything is since the plan was adopted.  There’s a big focus on trains, streetcars, restaurants, and so on.  The people of the future are always going out to eat and using public transportation to get there.  Every once in a while a future person mentions walking to get somewhere, but more often than not a bike, bus or train is involved.  Which is kind of weird, because there’s a lot of walking around going on in town now.  And no mention of how pet-friendly future Redwood City is – another departure from present-day reality.  Where’s the young couple with stroller and labradoodle in the artist’s renderings?  And the day-to-day experience of the future citizen is mired in the past; an “office worker” from the year 2030 says he’s working for a “start-up green technology company developing new means of generating energy”.  Aren’t they supposed to be working on that now?  If this is still a “start-up” in 2030, we’re in big trouble.  I know it’s risky to speculate on a future vision with components that don’t yet exist, but these comments include stuff that’s novel today, but will be old-hat in 20 years.  Would have liked to see some comments from future residents about the empty lots converted to community gardens, the neighborhood bio-diesel cooperatives, and the talking cats that comprise my vision of the future in Redwood City.

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