What can we learn from the Beer Summit attendees, based on their beverage choices?  President Obama selected a Bud Light, which you could see as a compromise between the “tastes great” and “less filling” polarities, although many would not consider it to be an actual “beer”.  I will allow you to extrapolate his beer decision-making to his approach to climate change initiatives and health care/insurance reform.  Prof. Gates chose a Red Stripe first (mentioned here, I’d never heard of it) and then a Sam Adams Light.  I have no problem with either choice, and he gets extra points for having two beers.  Sgt. Crowley had a Blue Moon – I had a couple of these after the Mud Run at Camp Pendleton.  By all appearances it’s a micro-brew – but is actually a Coors product.  On the surface, it might fit in alongside genuine craft beers, but it has its origin in the right-wing-nutcase Coors brewing plants.  They tried this masquerade before with Killian’s Red.  So, am I saying that Sgt. Crowley might appear to be reasonable and congenial on the surface, and that masks deeply-held core beliefs?  You decide.  And Biden was there also, but he had a Buckler, which (research reveals) is a non-alcoholic Heineken.  I thought this guy was Mr. Blue Collar.  They should have invited Hillary instead – she’s comfortable with the shot-and-a-beer crowd.  And her favorite beer? Blue Moon.

Stay thirsty, my friends.

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