Photo: NPS

It was a late start for my Tuesday night run in Edgewood, and at this time of the year it can get pretty dark by 8pm.  We’ve had a lot of cool nights with wind and the “marine layer” this summer, but last night was warm with no wind.  On the way up the perimeter Edgewood Trail, I saw a woodrat sitting on the trail, all kind of bunched-up with his eyes closed.  Maybe he was trying to hide in plain site.  I walked slowly past him, but he didn’t move too much – just trembled a little bit.  Something not quite right with him, apparently.  I hadn’t seen one of these guys up close, other than the dead ones I sometimes find in the ivy coming over from our neighbor’s yard – he had nice plush fur, with some blue colors in it.  Handsome gent.

The sun had just set when I got to the top of the hill, and past experience told me that it would be pretty dark under the canopy of trees on the way down.  Sure enough, as soon as I dipped into the woods it was hard to see the trail ahead.  There were a few deer in there with me, and they scattered away into the gloom as I ran past.  Coming back out into the clearing on the east side of the hill you could see all the lights around the bay, and the moon was climbing over the East Bay hills.  Just before starting back down the hill, I saw a coyote trotting through the tall grass.  I don’t see them too often in Edgewood.

It was slow going on the descent – I was overly cautious about tripping on a rock or tree in the darkness.  This trail is pretty familiar, so in some places I set caution aside and moved along at a pretty good clip.  And when I reached the end, there were a handful of deer browsing on the lawn in the moonlight.

Nice run.

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