I must say I’m disappointed in the reaction from our city’s mayor to the closing of the Fox Theater and it’s popular night-club companion, the Little Fox.  These two venues represented a centerpiece to Redwood City’s downtown revival, which has been energized by live music.  The two guys who took a big risk and renovated both spaces have seen their fortunes take a downward turn.  Here’s what the mayor has to say:

Mayor Rosanne Foust said the foreclosure is “unfortunate, but in the current economic climate, it’s a very difficult period.”

“This is a huge opportunity for somebody who sees that Redwood City has a vision,” Foust said. “I mean, this could be kind of what they call ‘that turning point.'”

Wouldn’t it be great if that “somebody” also happened to be the mayor of Redwood City?  I can imagine Mayor Somebody stepping forward to say “not on my watch!” and find some secret stash of redevelopment money not alloted to empty big-box retail spaces, and keep the music going.

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