Mellowcat is reading a book about the financial crisis, and we’re noticing quite a few typos and redundancies. This is always a concern when reading an account that’s supposed to be fact-based. Could be that they were rushing this to print for the holiday bookselling season, but still. He re-introduces Long-Term Capital Management several times in the sections leading up to Lehman’s bankruptcy. I’d never heard of it before, but you probably have. I sure know about it now. It’s a hedge fund that collapsed following the Russian financial crisis in the late 1990’s, and is mentioned repeatedly as an example of how private financial institutions banded together to bail it out. It’s described in just this way, many many times. It takes forever for Lehman to go down – you have to get to page 360 before it finally caves. I was beginning to think; “hey, they might just make it after all.” Not so. And some financial guys get re-introduced every few pages as well. I’m not good at remembering people’s names, so this was kind of helpful. One more odd quirk; many of these fellows are described as “surprisingly youthful” or “disarmingly young” and so on. I guess anybody not described in this way was probably a “generic old business man”. Spoiler alert: the global economy doesn’t completely collapse. Otherwise I wouldn’t have purchased the book.

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