6:oo pm – That last bit of convection died down with the sunset, and so Stormwatch rolled on home without incident.  A quick survey of the home turf revealed a toppled small tree (now righted), and a broken clay planter.  It was on a plant stand which lost support as the soil below it softened up.  Our soil is one of the hardest materials on Earth, so the collapse of tree and plant stand were not anticipated.

4:50 pm – “One more for the road.”  The Stormwatch team is just about to head back to Redwood City from SCU.  The Madman says “you’re gonna have to get  past me.”

3:30 pm – A tornado warning was issued for Santa Clara County at 2pm; I didn’t know about it, because I had to attend a meeting.  Don’t they realize I’m on Stormwatch here?

2:00 pm – A few brief downpours around SCU with those incoming cells.  The rain so far today has been a southern SF peninsula, South Bay, and Monterey Bay event, for the most part.  Here’s a map of the accumulated rainfall today:

12:30 – We had a t-storm in the South Bay around 11, and then the rain stopped.  It appears that the afternoon storms are firing up off the coast.  The team here at Stormwatch will keep you posted.  I need a distraction from the other news of the day.

10 am – Still rainin’, but it looks like that will let up within the hour.  Yesterday the SF Zoo had to close, and today the Alameda/Oakland Ferry suspended operations, citing “severe sea conditions”.

9 am – Reports coming in from around the Bay: many worms on the move on Palo Alto sidewalks, raining like a madman in Belmont.

8-ish am – Made it to work.  The sure-footed Subaru Forester handled the elements with no problem.

7:35 am – Minor flooding on 280, same location as yesterday.  Two guys are trying to clear the storm drain.

7:30 am – Rain and wind on the commute.  We thought we had stumbled upon one of the “brief tornadoes” mentioned in Monday’s forecast around Los Altos on 280, but it must have been just an especially intense storm cell.  This area, around the Magdalena exit on 280, always has extreme weather; on a hot day it’s really hot here, on a frosty morning this is your cold spot, and on a rainy day, well, you can see where I’m going with this.

7 am – The wind is picking up. Garage door won’t close.  Just looking at it doesn’t fix it – had to manually close it.  The door must be water-logged.

6 am – It’s been raining for a couple of hours, but the winds are light.  This front was supposed to have high winds.  The furnace wouldn’t start this morning – had to go out to the garage and fix it, which I did by merely looking at it, and then it started working.

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