Our e-filed Turbotax return was rejected, due to a date formatting problem in one of the forms.  Can’t set the date to the format required by the IRS in Turbotax at this time.  We’re not the only ones to have this e-file rejection, I was happy to see.  But it would be good if the lads down at Intuit can hop on this one and get it fixed.  They used to have a way to get at the actual return form fields in Turbotax, but they seem to have removed that advanced-user feature this year so I can’t just set the date to the right format myself.

Update:  The feds accepted the return on the second e-file attempt.  This bug was related to the non-cash donation form.  I’ll be sure to update the Car Donating Turbo Tax Deluxe Online Community (of which I am a member in good standing) that either Intuit fixed the bug, or my tweak of the description field got past the e-file rejection filter.

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