Back to the ongoing narrative of our meetings with contractors for the kitchen remodel project.  We met with guy number three at a coffee house near work.  He had suggested meeting at our house again, but that wasn’t convenient.  We had a very nice lunch at this place before he arrived.  Looks like a good venue for live music, the only drawback being that it’s close to work and I don’t want to be anywhere near here when I’m out having fun.  He came bustling in, and gave us the low-down on the cost estimate right off the bat.  It was a high number.  But I was prepared for something really outlandish, and instead it was merely outrageous.  He then started going down the list of all the things the cost estimate included, and it had left out a couple of things.  Like all the appliances.  My thinking is that the appliances would add somewhat to the overall cost of the project.  Now the estimate is starting to edge back into outlandish.  He went over the elevation drawings with us, showing where all the unusable narrow countertops would go.  These were all custom cabinets, that is just how he rolls, and that was a reason why I’d prepared for a real big number.  But he kept the cost down by hardly including any cabinets at all.  Problem solved!  He didn’t take up much of our time, which was good because I hadn’t quite finished my tuna salad sandwich.  He left a detailed contract that described how he works and that included some fairly unorthodox practices.  Such as?  Well, how about requiring us to communicate with him solely through a client log book that’s maintained at the site?  Sound weird?  You bet it does.  And the passage indicating that he is in no way responsible for all the damage that will be done to our landscaping.  Raised a few eyebrows.  And we can choose what appliances we want (that’s nice), but he gets to decide where we purchase them.  Oh. Right, that would be better for some reason.  There were a few other oddball things as well, contributing to the spooky control-freak vibe.  I don’t think he’ll be our guy for the remodel, ultimately.  I still have one more guy(s) to tell you about.  Tune in tomorrow.

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