It will be guy number 2, the person who would handle all the demolition, construction, and installation, but let us find sources for all the things that will make up the new kitchen.  I’ll call him this weekend to firm up the planned start date (early September), and confirm that he still exists.  It’s been a while since we chatted last.  Next up for us will be narrowing down our appliance selections.  We saw this tall, narrow, counter-depth refrigerator last weekend that looks intriguing.  We had a different one in mind, and that would still be considered the first choice, but it’s not true counter depth – this other one was flush with the counter.  Here they are, for your scrutiny:

Fisher Paykel 17.6 cu.ft - 28 in. depth
Fagor 13 cu. ft. - depth 24 in.

The Fisher Paykel is also available in stainless steel, but we might end up going with the white appliances.  Just to be different.

Refrigerators have just gotten really huge in recent years.  The one we have now is about 17 cu.ft. capacity, and is rarely much more than half full.  That’s not a big fridge – probably about the smallest one you can find from regular places – but it still seems huge, like it’s sitting in the middle of the space.  And usually the smaller size refrigerators are also towards the low end of the quality scale.  I’ve found articles about the new tall/narrow fridges on sites like apartmenttherapy and thekitchn – but it’s mostly the NYC condo dwellers and other jammed-together urbanites that are the market for these.  I’ll bet the refrigerator that was in our house in 1936 was pretty small.

One thought on “ contractor guy selected, next up: the fridge ”

  1. Nice looking frig. I think most of these large refrigerators (including ours) are filled with half-filled bottles of obscure condiments used for one recipe and then forgotten.

    We have the bottom freezer on the Kithenaid frig out at the beach and I like that set-up a lot.

    Word of caution on the linoleum: get the kind that you don’t need to wax. I had the black & white squares (like you guys) in the original linoleum that didn’t need waxing and that floor was a big pain to maintain. Wax build-up!


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