In our kitchen project, the Mellowcat and Resident Expert keep coming up with choices that seem to be in conflict with general trends.  We see no reason to modify our selections merely to placate a stainless steel-clad, granite-faced society, but at the same time don’t want to end up with something that otherwise would not be recognized as a kitchen.  I’ll go ahead and jot down a few of the things that we’re considering, and you tell us why we’re off base.

Floors: So far the design/build people we’ve spoken with are assuming we would choose wood flooring or travertine tiles.  We’re pretty much set on colorful Marmoleum.  Couple of reasons; there’s a variety of color/pattern options, it has good “green” credentials, and it seems age-appropriate for our home.

Countertops: The suggestions made to us for this surface have been either granite or quartz solid surfaces.  We’re in favor of wood.  We have taken in the cautionary notes about damage from water, hot things, and using it as a cutting surface, but are still in favor of wood.

Cabinets: The only oddball thing we have in mind here is to limit the number of upper cabinets, and use open shelves instead.  We have all open shelves now, and would introduce a few cabinets with doors in this remodel for the plates, glasses, mugs and bowls, but want to leave open access in about half of the wall-mounted shelving for cookware near the range and cookbooks and other items on the opposite wall.

Range hood:  This is the latest thing to be called into question.  Do we really need this?  We have no exhaust fan at all now, and are thinking about using a ceiling-mounted retro-style fan instead of one of these hoods.  That would free up some wall space for open shelves over the range, which ResEx has (and uses) now.

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