Looks like we’ve found a new candidate for our range.  We looked at the Bosch range we had in mind, but for one reason or another it didn’t meet our expectations.  Now we’re looking at this Electrolux range.  It has some features that the person who makes all the food says will be a step up from the 1952 Wedgewood, if you can imagine such a thing.  Full extension, ball-bearing supported telescoping oven racks.  Halogen lighting.  Fade-in/out LCD control panel.  450-18000 BTU sealed burners.  I don’t know what the Wedgewoods were thinking about back in ’52, but now that I’ve seen this range I have to say that they really dropped the ball.  The thing that interests me the most about this range is the cobalt blue interior.  They didn’t have to make it cobalt blue, but they did anyway.  Nice.  Along with having this blue color introduced into the kitchen, we will be able to use the word “Electrolux” in conversation on a regular basis.

One thought on “ a range of options ”

  1. Hi Brian,
    This is Heike. My mom has had her Elektrolux oven for at least 45 years, it’s still working great. It is also blue inside. As a child I always thought that was the only color for oven interiors, even imagining that Hansel and Gretel were pushing the witch into a blue oven. Good luck with your purchase decision!

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