Flickr photo by Kevin Cole. Click on me for a larger image - I have a crazy red eye!

I’m not able to run right now due to a not serious problem with the Achilles tendon on the left side.  This was acquired while running, and I actually did stop and walk like you’re supposed to, but then ran some more to “test” it, and now it doesn’t go.  But the kind of nice thing about this was that I walked back from the outer fringe of the cross-country course, which allowed me to notice and observe more of the wild life.  Like the White-tailed Kite you see here.  He was hovering in mid-air over the hillside, flapping his wings to stay in one spot, then stopped with the flapping, held his wings out and drifted slowly straight down.  They like the rodents, but when he zoomed out of the grass he wasn’t carrying anything.  Better luck next time.  These birds were nearly extinct in the 1930’s, but have made a strong recovery.

In other bird news, we were enjoying the lovely weather on the deck yesterday evening and a couple of small birds were hopping around right next to us on the trellis.  They were Chestnut-backed Chickadees, according to our Bay Area Birds chart.

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