The Resident Expert has been puzzling over the makeup of the “Tea Party” demographic.  ResEx will apply due diligence before forming an opinion, reading articles and pondering the variables.  The Mellowcat needs not spend that kind of time, knowing right off the bat that they are all nutcases.  But here we have Mr. David Brooks coming to the rescue with his definition of the Tea Party:

a characteristically raw but authentically American revolt led by members of the yeoman enterprising class.

“Wha?”, you ask?  He means to say: characteristically raw (garish outfits) but authentically American (not from France) revolt (may help Republicans in the off-year elections) led by members of the yeoman (have jobs that he would never do) enterprising (somewhat shady business practices) class (live in a different neighborhood).  He left out “nutcases”.

A Yeoman
1958 Chevrolet Del Ray Yeoman wagon at Amigo's Wrecking, Clavet, SK. Photo: Trekphiler, Wikimedia Commons

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