Some additional progress to report in the Kitchen Project.  Looks like we have a new source for the wood counter tops.  The good people at Reclaim in Menlo Park pointed us to Windfall Lumber, a provider of sustainably harvested wood products in Tumwater, Washington.  In this case, the harvesting would have been done some time ago – we’re looking to get reclaimed Douglas Fir.  They get this from deconstructed old buildings.  The samples look pretty neat – you can see shadows of old nails and whatnot in the wood.  This old Doug Fir has beautiful grain.  We have some in our existing kitchen.  I’d refinished the trim around the old ironing board door last year, which exposed this tight-grained and mellow-colored wood.

Reclaim has lots of good stuff, and we ran across Fire Clay Tiles, which we are thinking about using for the so-called back splash. These tiles are made with 60% pre- and post- consumer waste materials.  Doesn’t that sound great?  They include industrial abrasives left over from sand-blasting the Hetch-Hetchy pipeline.  Kitchen decor does not get any better than this.  It will be fun choosing colors and designing the tile pattern.

One thought on “ stepping forward ”

  1. Great to hear the folks at Reclaim pointed you toward Fireclay! They are fantastic to work with and will give you excellent customer service. We are thrilled you are considering using Fireclay – beyond the sandblasting abrasives we use waste granite dust from a neighboring quarry and waste glass from the glass recyclers in San Leandro, and we make the product just south of San Jose. Beyond the sustainability, though, we pride ourselves first and foremost on making high quality, beautiful tile. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

    – Eric

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