That’s what I intend to do, and I encourage you to do the same.  On the agenda this weekend: a visit to the barbershop, a test run at the cross-country course, finish up with the sprinks project in the backyard, and give the resident megafauna a dose of the Advantage.  And in case that’s not entertaining enough, they’re giving away free mulch at the RWC utility yard on Sunday.  We are looking at wall-to-wall sunshine, temps in the 70’s on Saturday (yeah.) and near 80 on Sunday (oh yeah.).

2 thoughts on “ have a great weekend ”

  1. my what a lovely round kitty you have! and the patio furniture is very nice too!
    I am finding our weather a bit annoying and the word landlocked is irking me but we are saved from off shore oil spills.
    I am trying to grow my hair but James could probably use a trim.
    good luck on your run!!!

    1. Kitty is round. We had a visit from our census-taker this evening. He stayed for an extra two hours to tell us about all the good restaurants in the area. A bit of a foodie. Apparently the artichoke omelette at Duarte’s in Pescadero is excellent, but you must request it ‘local style’. Just doing our civic duty.

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