Due to the running work stoppage of recent weeks, I’ve made good progress breaking in my new hiking boots.  I went with the Merrell Outland, due to its waterproof exterior and mid-height contour, among other outlandish characteristics.  They say you should wear them around the house for short periods of time at first, and eventually wear them to run errands, and other light weight activities, before actually hiking in them for any distance.  Out of the box I wore them on a brisk 7-miler on the Skyline Trail.  And they were uncomfortable!  I said; “aw hell”.  But then I backed off and just wore them for walks in the neighborhood and gardening for a couple weeks.  Today we took them out for a spin on Phleger Estate trails, and they performed admirably.

The trail follows a vigorous little tributary of Union Creek.

From the GGNRA site:  Many of the first towns along the Peninsula sprang up around logging camps and mills, and their names, such as Redwood City and Palo Alto (meaning “tall tree”), reflected these origins.  Union Creek, which wends along the estate’s eastern edge, once powered more than a dozen mills. The steam mill operations were seasonal, as the creek, which gushed during the wet winter months, dried up in the summertime. From 1852 to 1855, entrepreneur Willard Whipple logged the area, and traces of his Upper Mill and Lower Mill remain.

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