At the southern end of Montaña de Oro State Park, you will find a tall fence and guard station at the entrance to the Point Buchon Trail.  It’s not part of the state park; you’ll be walking on PG&E lands.  They own a big chunk of the coastline around the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant, and this trail opened a few years ago providing access to relatively unspoiled terrain.  They only let people in a few days of the week, and you have to sign in at the guard shack and be sure to stay on the trails.  There’s a coastal bluff trail that leads to various lookout points, coves and beaches.  There’s also a sinkhole, which formed in the last big El Nino winter.  While we were there a CHP helicopter was hovering along the shore; they were following up on a report of someone stuck on the rocky cliffs, but couldn’t find anyone to rescue.

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