One of my short-term goals is to get new license plates.  I like the California plates that have the whale tail, the one that benefits the Coastal Cleanup Day.  This seems to make visual sense on the back of a car.  I also was considering getting personalized plates with something cool and/or smart, like Clock Radio’s plates.  They have an online form on the site that lets you test for available text, and I tried a few variations of ‘mellowcat’.  The good ones were already taken – closest was “1mlocat”, which might be read as “one mellow cat”, but could also be interpreted as “I’m Locat”.  It’s best to avoid saying that.  Then I thought maybe something to celebrate our home town and its slogan “Climate Best by Government Test”.  How about “CLMTBST” for “Climate Best”?  Well, that’s no good either, because I’d have to add a bumper sticker that explains it to people, or shout to the other drivers what it means.  And somebody could determine that it means something entirely different, like “calamity beast” which I certainly did not intend.  And is just the opposite of “mellow cat”.  I’ll probably just end up going with the whale tail and my randomly-generated license plate text.

One thought on “ license to spell ”

  1. Today I saw a car with CA Yosemite plates and the personalized text ANOWAW. Wawona being already taken, I presume, by a truck used by the cleaning staff at the Redwoods.

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