I made the call to our contractor guy today, to get started for real with the kitchen remodel project.  We’ve decided on cabinets, flooring, appliances, counters, and plumbing fixtures.  Still have to talk about the lighting plan, but have reached a general point of consensus on that.  We’re still about 10 weeks from actually getting going on this, but he wanted us to have everything on hand before he started demolishing the old kitchen, and the cabinets and counters are going to need a few weeks lead-time.  Today I started looking into options for safeguarding the kitty cat while the work is in progress.  It would be nice if she had some way to escape the noise – without actually ‘escaping’.  She could hop out a window and into a safe enclosure on the deck, if we could engineer a mode of egress/ingress.

Kittywalk Systems

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