This old tree has been shading our backyard for quite a long time.  It’s actually a neighbor’s tree, but the canopy essentially creates a roof over our yard.  Or it used to, anyway.  They cut this tree down yesterday.  It’s absence is very noticeable, after having dominated the backyard scene all along.  Not sure what the squirrels will think about this, but I’m still a bit stunned by this sudden change in the landscape.

4 thoughts on “ methuselah ”

  1. That’s upsetting. Whenever the trees behind our house are trimmed it takes me time to adjust, and feels like a violation of our space, even if its technically the space above and to the side of ours. It’s still not right. I’d like to see an “after” picture of that same perspective.

  2. Yes, this guy fully occupied our “air space”, and was a very prominent feature when stepping out the back door. And a big tree like this eventually acquires a personality, if you’re around it long enough.

    1. They’d talked about removing this tree ever since we’ve lived there – it takes up most of their backyard. And they had been hacking away at branches now and again, so we figured they’d do this eventually. But they didn’t let us know ahead of time, so it was quite a shock to find it gone.

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