Here’s a weird twin thing for you.  Strongly Worded Letter just posted his Boise trip photos, and one of them is eerily similar to one I took last fall.   Take a look at his, then mine.  Weird, huh?  Here are the two together, with mine superimposed over his.

The other weird thing – the plants in this area haven’t grown at all in the last several months.

One thought on “ double vision ”

  1. One difference that can’t be seen was the intense grasshopper presence.
    Mary was very brave as she really dislikes those hopping bugs. I enjoyed walking behind her seeing them bounce off her backside all the while thinking; if she only knew what was happening back here. It’s fun watching a sister conquer her fears without even knowing it!

    But, very weird that you two captured that exact spot on the trail at different times. Maybe the cows are meticulous about keeping the trails groomed to specs.

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