I had high hopes for participation in the Great Sunflower Project this summer, but ran into a few problems; got a late start, only one of the plants made it past the seedling stage, it’s been a cool summer so it just started to develop flowers last week, and yesterday somebody or something pulled the plant out of the ground.  There’s just some dirt on the sidewalk near where it was growing.  This is a high traffic sidewalk, so I guess it’s possible that somebody just pulled it out and took the whole plant away.  But that seems so unlikely.  Do you think a marauding band of squirrels took it?  They seem to like the sunflowers, and this plant was a manageable size – it’s the “Lemon Queen” variety, which is only about 3 or 4 ft. tall.  I was all set to do my first bee count this weekend.

One thought on “ not to bee ”

  1. As of last week I had two lemon queen sunflower plants. A visiting 9 week old puppy ripped out one a few days ago. Now I am down to one plant which has not flowered yet and I’m running out of warm weather. I don’t know how many bees I’ll be counting this year. But I have plenty of seeds for next year as I only planted 4 from the package.

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