If you were reading a transcript of the radio broadcast of game one, Duane Kuiper’s call of Uribe’s 3-run shot would be; “line drive, left field, out of here.”  If you were listening to the game, you would have heard “rara… RARA…. ADAHAA”.  Basically a primal scream.

Update: they have an audio of the call on the Giant’s site.  I didn’t know they had all these highlights here.  They have the calls by TV guys, our good announcers and I guess the other team’s announcer or ESPN radio guy.

2 thoughts on “ good call ”

  1. Thanks for pointing to the Call on that one. Kuip was rockin’ this tiny hotel room in Lisbon. Iiitiiiisssaahdaheeere! Go Giants.

    1. It will be amazing if he has a voice left after the Series. Last night I had to stop at the neighborhood Kinkos after work, and it seemed like the only place without the Giants in evidence. I felt bad for the young guys working there. But then I heard Kuip coming from a radio below the counter.

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