A few memorable quotes from the game:

Here’s Mike Krukow describing Timmy fielding an infield chopper late in the game – “Like a big ol’ kitty cat Lincecum gets off that mound”.  Now, we happen to have a big ol’ kitty cat, and we’ve seen that same move off her comfy perch when the treats come out.

Dave Fleming’s call of the Renteria home run.  His voice broke down during the word “gone” – I’m sure he knew that home run would be the game winner.  Probably not too many people heard it at the time with the likely ambient sounds wherever they were listening to the game, but the emotion was real.

Kuiper describing the Giants celebrating at the end of the game: “for the Say Hey kid, for Will The Thrill, celebrating for number 25, and celebrating for all you Giants fans, wherever you are.”

And one more, not from the radio – I turned on the set to see the post game celebration, and caught this great question posed to Timmy as he held the World Series trophy: “How does that look to you?” – Timmy:  “Shiny”.

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