Don’t worry – this blog post won’t be as lengthy as the title might suggest.  Just going to go on for a bit more about my rib injury from last week.  Another one of the fantastic things about rib injuries is that you can’t diagnose them very easily, so you don’t really have a way to tell for sure if you’ve broken a rib, dislocated it, or messed up the stuff around it.  Since there’s no way to treat these injuries, I suppose we shouldn’t worry about what the injury actually is – you still have to wait for it to “go away”.  But I find it helpful to know (or think I know) what’s going on, so I’ve been doing some Web research and I think I’ve identified what is likely my problem: costochondral separation.  That’s where the rib gets separated a little bit from the cartilage attaching it to the sternum.  You’ll find a lot of good information about this injury if you do a Google search for the word “excruciating”.

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