Ready to hear me complain about something?  Great, here we go.  On the radio this morning I heard the morning team on NPR talking about a thing that happened in their fake jovial manner.  Bad enough, I know, but along the way they used the phrase “angry environmentalist”.  We might as well conjoin these words now, as angryenvironmentalist.  If you were an environmentalist in the USA in 2011, how would you feel?  Angry?  Goes without saying.  Which I would prefer, because in this context, the adjective is way, way overused.  It’s probably meant to call to mind the image of somebody carrying a sign, wearing unfashionable outdoor garments, and shouting about the impending doom of the South-Northern Extra Pesky Mosquito.  Which nobody would be too concerned about being doomed.  But I say environmentalists have a legitimate beef.  Let’s just say “environmentalist” and leave it at that.

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