If you have any interest in 40 degree air, then you missed out on a great opportunity to experience it early this morning. I was out in that for the morning run, so I can share with you that it was damn cold. Unseasonable, I say! Nearing the end of the run, I was greeted by a neighbor cat we call “False Toby” (because he looks a lot like the real Toby). False Toby’s always been a bit skittish, and so it was a pleasure to see him trot out into the street and call out a greeting. He even gave my hand and forearm an examination, which should get me recorded in his olfactory catalog. Probably assigned to the “random guy I might have seen before” category. Eventually he might realize that I’m recorded in his catalog of frights as well, in the “guy who came into his backyard and then I ran away” category.

The real Toby. Flickr photo by btwashburn

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