It was required that I obtain a new camera in advance of the Big Island trip.  It’s the Lumix ZS8 .  Here are a couple of recent snaps.

First, we’ll test the close-up, which my other camera was no good at.  This is a Douglas Iris – we’ve had this plant for years, and I think this is the first time it had flowers, that I’m aware of.

Now, check out the zoom.  Kitty’s way down in her catmint bed, and I’m up at the back door.  That’s a good distance away.

And here’s some low-light action for you.  The new screen door went up tonight out front, and kitty is taking full advantage, as you might expect by this point.   People going by have been heard to say “look! there’s a cat!”.  To which kitty says, “I’m a cat?”.   Screen door’s made out of Douglas Fir, discovered by David Douglas, who also discovered and named the Douglas Iris mentioned above.

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