The Curb Appeal had frayed a bit during our Hawaii trip, and so you know who spent most of the weekend tidying up. The Resident Expert came out front to check on my work, theoretically carrying a tray of sandwiches and ice cold lemonade, and said, “there’s a deer”. We don’t see tons of deer in our neighborhood – I’ve only seen one in the past eight years – so I wasn’t sure how to react to this statement. I shut down my external senses in order to build a deer sighting awareness framework. After a second or two, I abandoned this strategy and decided to just “wing it” and look at the deer and react to it spontaneously. It was a deer alright – a young fellow. He made a right at the corner. I hope he found his way out of the neighborhood. The sound of his hooves on the asphalt will stay with me for a while.

The restoration of Curb Appeal took the better part of the weekend, but I did get out for a street run late today. I saw something you’ll never get tired of hearing about – cats! Also – goats! There’s a small herd munching the dry grass along Hillcrest. They all came over to the fence to see me, probably thinking I had a tray of sandwiches and lemonade.

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