A couple of posts ago I mentioned that we had grown exceedingly weary of our iPod library contents.  I believe I described the selections as “fuddy duddy”, which may have been a bit harsh.  But I am so damned tired of hearing these songs, that I end up scrolling right through stuff that I’m sure I enjoyed hearing at one time.  So I went out shopping for some new sounds, and found a treasure trove.  This band that was really huge during the 90’s and for a long duration after, and so they had a lot of music.  I got a ‘greatest hits’ compilation, now stored safely on my Amazon Cloud Drive.  And these really are greatest hits!  Out of 27 songs, I would say 20 are ‘great’, and of that 20, 6 or 7 are ‘really great’.  I’d heard some of these songs on the radio in the past couple of decades, but for whatever reason never got into their stuff until now.  And now I am way, way into it.  It’s like if you’d sort of heard of Tom Petty for many years, and then discovered all of his music.  I’m kind of burned out on TP now (damn you, iPod!), but let’s be frank; he certainly had more than his share of greatest hits.  So it’s like I just got another Petty-class music source.

What’s the band, you ask?  Oasis.

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