We’re getting close to running out of kitty’s favored treats.  RE has tried some alternates, but no dice.  Must have the regular treats!  What part of I will only eat the regular treats do you not understand?  We’ve located an online source, and a rush order is on the way.  The come from Oregon.  While out shopping at OSH this weekend I saw they also had pet supplies, and so I figured what the hell why not see if they had them.  Figured they wouldn’t.  They didn’t.  But what they did have was a large bag of kitty treats with an astonishing graphic on the front.  These were beef-flavored, and the picture was of a smiling cow with a cat riding on the back – also smiling – and enthusiastically wielding a knife and fork.

Hey, did you catch that I said I was shopping at OSH?  And that about a year ago I said I was taking my business elsewhere?  Sharp eye, reader!  Yes, I went back to OSH based on some reason that I cannot now recall, and found that most of the old-timers and Ivy the garden shop cat had returned.  So I was blog-wrong about the changes over there.

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