I referred to my car’s “glove compartment”. Glove compartment is really hanging in there. I tried to think of something better, but ended up just wanting to put some gloves in there to satisfy the automotive nomenclature.

The Resident Expert asked for guidance on a grammar question. What’s the rule for ending words with -ent or -ant? I didn’t know, but proceeded to ramble on for a short while on the topic. I just checked it out, for some Friday lunch time fun, and there are rules – seemingly written by a madman; use -ant or -ance when “root ends in hard C or G”, “root ends in -ure”, “begins with A”, and a whole bunch more.  The first Web site I found recommended memorizing the spelling of all these words, or using a spell checker.  Not too helpful, I thought at first.  But that’s about all we can do in this situation.  Before sending us to the spell checker they said, “in a priority list for English spelling reform, the spellings -ence and -ance, -ent and -ant, surely deserve a place near the top.”  Agreed.

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