A couple of years ago I made a fence and arbor-ish gateway in the backyard.  It separated one area of the backyard from another area of the backyard.  You’re probably wondering, “for what purpose”.  Couldn’t tell you.  But it did give me something to do for a few weekends, and so in that respect it was a completely satisfactory project.  I tore it down a few weeks ago, and moved the arbor section to the front of the house.  We have a narrow, fenced-in space next to the garage where we store the matryoshka compost, recycling, and landfill trash bins.  The guys who made the fence didn’t have the innate artistry one might have expected, and so I figured I could give this fence and gate a dash of style by appending my arbor thing.  Don’t know if this helps mitigate the original fence’s image problem, or merely draws more attention to a troubled region of our front yard.  You be the judge.  I’ve got a vine growing on it – does that help?

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