I have long desired to have a tool shed for the gardening stuff. My gardening tools were here and there in the garage, and that kind of bothered me. For a few years, I looked around for shed building plans or sheds I could just buy, but nothing seemed to fit. We might suppose that most shed buyers would have enough space for something like a shed. But here at LT1K we are all about not having quite enough space. But then I found a shed kit I could buy and assemble (DIY, but I don’t have to D all that much) from a Canadian company that makes them out of cedar. Canadian? Cedar? We’re not talking about some Home Depot plastic storage shed here – I told you already: Canadian, and Cedar. I ordered it and it arrived in three days. What the. Did they have it stored in the neighborhood somewhere? That was awful quick. What was not so quick was the assembly. There were 43 steps in the assembly guide. Actually took a couple of weeks to put this bad boy together. The roof (about 2 by 4 feet square) required a plywood base, roofing paper, and 4 layers of (cedar) roof tiles. And lots of roofing nails. This seems excessive to me. Could it be that Canada is mad at us about something. I see no other reason for the elaborate assembly instructions and over-engineered roofing system. But now that it is completed and in place, I could not be happier. Or maybe I could, but the shed worked out great, regardless. Here are some pictures of this awesome shed.

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