Let me ask you this: what would you do if a beautiful summer day happened to fall on a Wednesday?  You take the day off, is what you would do.  Here’s a view of the bay from the view level at the Giants game.  There were only two things about the game that met with my disapproval; the National Anthem was performed in the “Barbershop” style, and the Pirates won.  Other than that, great game.

I foolishly allowed the real world to intrude by checking work email during the game, and that revealed some things going haywire that I couldn’t fix from row 12, seat 19.  Dealt with those when I got home (accompanied by a glass of wine and the cat) out on the deck.  And then the Resident Expert suggested we dine out at the City Pub. Now you’re speaking my language.  And yes, let’s dine out at the City Pub.  Here’s the RE deciding on the Tuna Melt:

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