The Mellowcat nation has its own private 9/11 to commemorate, but the 10 year anniversary of the other one prompted me to look back to the NYC Marathon of 2001.  There’s a good account of the event still available in the New York Times. I was also looking back at lower Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty, and the fire boats in the Narrows like everyone else crossing from Staten Island to Brooklyn that day, but since this was my first NYC marathon I didn’t note what was missing in this scene. A veteran marathoner quoted in the article said it was like “someone moved a mountain range”.

Here’s cute-as-a-bug Resident Expert holding up some inspirational messages for me and the other 30,000 runners.

And here we have Mellowcat and the Letter on the sidewalks of New York, the day before the race.

One more, from the day after the Marathon.  The skyline behind the Resident Expert calls to mind Mr. Springsteen’s words, “I woke up this morning to an empty sky”.

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