Kitty and I have maintained our regular string-play schedule.  As I predicted, after this happened once, Kitty insisted on it happening forever after.  At 8 pm every evening.  She has developed a few new moves that I should mention, in the interest of completing the historical record.  She will sometimes pull nearly the full length of the string in and bunch that up under her chin.  That’s called “The Gathering Storm”.  And if she catches the end of the string on one of her many claws (the “End of the Line” move), I can pull the string taut (it’s stretchy yarn) and she reacts as if it were alive.  This we call the “Live Wire”.  She also came up with a move called “Roller Derby”, which requires that I alternate landing the string on opposite sides of her immense fuselage, and she rolls one way or the other to get that darn string.

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