It was t-shirt weather today in RWC, so I figured a scoot down the Skyline Trail might be in order, once I got my Saturday chores out of the way. So I hopped into the econobox and headed on up. It was really cold up there! 45 degrees! And windy! Which made it seem colder! There was all kinds of twig and pine needle debris strewn about from the wind I mentioned, and at Kings Mtn. Road they had an aid station set up with water and Clif bars. Nice, but not what we might otherwise have expected to see. Some runner guys went by and I asked what the event was. They said “Woodside”, (huff, puff) “50K”.  50K?  That must be like… let’s see… 10K is about 6 miles… 50K is approximately 5 of the 10Ks, so that would be… carry the two… I’ve got it! 2300 miles.  No, wait. 30 miles. Or thereabouts. Quite impressive.  Good show, lads! Now, let me proceed with my casual 7-miler.  No aid stations needed.

Ready for another Netflix recommendation? Here goes. I just watched “Ride the Divide”, a documentary about some bike riders trying to get from Banff (Canada) to the Mexican border (Mexico). If you’re a cheapskate like me and just get the streaming Netflix and have found yourself saying, “aww, these movies are no good”, check out Ride the Divide. It is good.

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