Just back from the Sequoia/Kings Canyon (SEKI) area, and I can report that winter isn’t exactly in full swing up there.  How does a daytime high of 60 sound?  Like October?  Well, you are mistaken. We’d planned this holiday week getaway some time ago, figuring we’d get to do some snow shoeing.  But you never want to bet against nice weather out here in the Golden State.  Saw a guy wearing sandals.  What I will say is that the Resident Expert got a chance to walk the High Sierra Trail, which she had been not able to do due to an untimely mishap last summer.


There she is, steaming along the HST.  Don’t be denied.

Now, check out the air quality in the Central Valley.  Is somebody working on this problem?  Although I drove a vehicle fueled by fossils all the way across the Valley to get to this vantage point, I hold myself blameless in this matter.

There weren’t a whole lot of non-human animals around for us to observe, except for a few deer.  You can always tell the people from outside the Bay Area touring in the Parks, because they stop traffic on the Park roads to look at deer. And they think it’s OK to do that. The deer are now totally out of hand in our area.  It’s another problem that I can only hope that someone is working on. If not, we’re all going to have to get deer-rated windshield wipers.

This fellow was browsing along a trail near Moro Rock. Not all that far away, the Resident Expert saw this along the trail:

Just in case you can’t tell what it is we’re looking at here, it’s a deer hoof and a short section of the leg bone that once attached it to the rest of the deer. Not exactly all fun and games out here, is it?

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