Here’s a very rare professional sports related blog post for you. I am totally against field goals in football. And this is not just because of the Fiesta Bowl, although that does serve to bolster my argument. My feeling is that the field goal is unsatisfactory in all respects. I’ve thought about this a lot (five minutes); let’s look at this from two perspectives. First, you’re on offense and you have the ball at the other guy’s 20 yard line. It’s fourth and 4. Any red-blooded fan is thinking, c’mon, go for it. But out comes the kicking team. If he makes it, yay, 3 points. The field goal kicker doesn’t look like the other guys though. Some players pat him on the shoulder, but you know they’re all thinking, “should have gone for it”. And what if he misses? Oh god. There is nothing worse. I mean it. And secondly, if you’re on defense, you basically just become a spectator.  You have to watch out for trick plays, and in one out of a hundred tries you might block it, but you’re basically just watching like everybody else. Did he make it? Oh.

So I don’t think they should award points for the field goal.  If you want to kick one, fine. But you’re not getting any points for it. And it goes without saying that the extra point after a touchdown is off the list as well. Not sure how that thing ever got introduced into the game to begin with. Just win, baby.

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