The Thursday night menu plan now includes this basic lentil thing, where we then add whatever else happens to be available. The first time I made it, the extra new thing was Leeks.  The Resident Expert said it was good, but also added, you might think about using bacon.  She said that kind of quiet, yet forcefully, with a riveting gaze, which I attribute to the mention of bacon. Serious business. This week I did work in the bacon, which, as you would fully expect, was a welcome addition.  Along with the leeks, we got the Turnips into the game. I’ll come right out and say it – First Time Turnip Eater over here. If you haven’t had turnips before, you don’t know what you’re missing.  Same thing after having had turnips – they’re not super exciting. Now, the Resident Expert is floating the notion of adding sausage to the Thursday Night Lentil Feed. I’m all in with that idea.

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