We engineered a little weekend jaunt down to Los Osos, which included a visit with components of the family structure. It seems to me that the people who live down there are on some kind of permanent vacation. All relaxed and everything. They have the mild weather, the picturesque ocean scenes, the dogs. My question is this: why aren’t we living down there, and where is our dog? Check this out:

Pretty nice, wouldn’t you say? Well, this passes for an everyday occurrence down on the Bay. The people who live there aren’t flocking to the shoreline to gaze at the scene; they might stroll by with their dog and coffee, and smile and say “beautiful day” to you.  But they appear confident that such a scene will be repeated soon, and so they can take it all in at their own speed. Damn them!

Here’s a closer look at one of the houses across the Bay.  You can imagine that it would be quite enjoyable to ease out from the dock in your kayak and paddle out to look at the wildlife.

We encountered a bunch of runners in Montaña de Oro State Park, just outside of town. The event distances ranged from 8K to 50K.  The 50 included two peaks, each one over 1000 ft. in elevation gain.  Have to keep this in mind for the future – they run this twice a year, in October and February.

All well and good. I will leave you with this nonverbal message from a California Ground Squirrel that was staring at us.

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