I have a TV, but I don’t watch a whole lot of TV – State of the Union, Super Bowl, that’s about it. I sometimes watch the Oscars, but not this year. I actually saw two of the films nominated for the Best Picture; they were both fine, but not exactly Casablanca. Years from now, if someone mentions either of these films, I might say, “oh yeah, I think I saw that!”. I’ve seen Casablanca a million times.

So I looked over my Netflix Instant Watching Activity list to identify the Mellowcat Award nominees for Best Picture. The criteria for selection required that I saw the entire movie sometime in the past year, and that I can recall having seen it. Who will take home the Mcat?

The nominees are:

And the winner is:

Meek’s Cutoff

I really liked Meek’s Cutoff – it actually is great, but I kind of hoped that Trollhunter would win. It would have been fun to hear all the people in the Mellowcat Awards audience yelling, “Troll!”.

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