We’ve hiked past the Waterfall View vantage point in San Pedro Valley Park a few times, but never at a time when the Waterfall was available for Viewing. Last Saturday, we got our chance. It had rained some the night before, and I guessed that this seasonal waterfall might have become active. But when we spoke to the person at the visitor center, the news was discouraging.

“Did you get all wet?” (she asked.)

“No, we just got here.”

“Then you’re going to get all wet!” (It wasn’t raining; not sure why we’d end up all wet.)


“Where you headed!” (Meant as a question, but said as an exclamation.)

“We’re going up past the waterfall, and on to the Montara Mountain fire road. Is there water in the waterfall?”

“No. No, there won’t be any water. Well, there might be some, but you won’t be able to see it.”

“Oh, well that’s disappointing.”

We went up there anyway. There had to be some water coming down; it had rained about an inch or so the night before. And it turned out there was. These falls are in a picturesque setting; falling in steps down a steep vertical drop from the north peak of Montara, with rocky outcroppings and many soaring birds wheeling around.

Here’s a view from the trail. The Resident Expert stated frequently that she wasn’t able to see this.

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