Don’t freak out, this won’t be about Credit Default Swaps. I can’t remember what those are anymore. It’s about Compact Discs. Were they smaller than something? LPs, I guess. (LPs = Long Playing records, which apparently played longer than their predecessors. Nowadays, our media aren’t required to refer to the format they’re replacing.)

We’ve been delving into the CDs in the past couple days, mining for the tunes of old. We have an IKEA CD tower in the living room, clearly visible to passers-by through the living room window (Look! I wonder if they have a Victrola!) that contains all the CDs we obtained during the optical disc era. Of late, our habit has been to channel in to Pandora and hear whatever they’ve selected. It’s nice to resurrect some of these sounds though; many had been on heavy rotation prior to the   Internet radio era, and it’s like hearing from old friends to fire up the old CD player again. Here’s a recent sample:

Nick Drake – Pink Moon
I borrowed this from The Letter a few years ago. It is now on permanent loan.

Nora Jones – Come Away With Me
Let it be said that I told the Resident Expert about Nora Jones before this record became a big hit. I heard it when shopping at Tower Records (for CDs, probably), and reported on its excellence upon my return home. This was on the CD player when we walked through the Open House of our current home.

Mark Knopfler – Screenplaying
I would assume that it took Mark Knopfler just slightly longer to record this than it takes to play the CD. It’s like listening to him just messing around on the guitar in the living room of your house. But how great is that? It includes incidental music from some of his movie soundtracks: Cal, Last Exit to Brooklyn,The Princess Bride, and Local Hero. These were all pretty good movies. If only we had them on DVD!

Enya –  Watermark
I know what you’re saying, “Enya?”. Yes, Enya. The kitty really likes this one. It causes me to hearken back to an earlier time, when I was listing to Tom Schnabel’s Morning Becomes Eclectic on KCRW, and he was an early champion of the subtle layering of sounds in Enya’s recordings. I can’t say that I could access the subtlety when listening to this on my ’85 Toyota pickup’s cassette player while cruising down Victory Blvd. with the windows down because it was probably 95 degrees, but I was trying, OK? And kitty really likes it.

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